Riviera Community Club

Property owners (whether homes or land) in the Riviera community, become members of the Riviera boehme00079Community Club. Members gain free or discounted access to all the Island amenities including, the Riviera Golf Course, Riviera Campground (and Cabins) and Riviera Marina. Members have free access of the island’s three lakes, boat launches and park facilities. Property owners belonging to the Riviera Community Club pay modest monthly membership dues to help support all the amenities on the island including the restaurant, community center and other vital services such as island water services, upkeep of facilities and parks.   Go to the Riviera Community Club website to learn about all the luxurious amenities offered.

boehme00005Contact Information

Office Phone: (253) 884-4093
Fax: (253) 884-9767
E-Mail: contact@rivieraclub.org
Golf Shop Phone: (253) 884-9634
Website: www.rivieracommunityclub.com/

Business Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

Campground Host: 
(253) 884-4121 (direct line to host site) May through September

Riviera Community Club
11016 Country Club Drive
Anderson Island, WA 98303