Boating Anderson Island

Anderson Island is a great south sound destination for Puget Sound boaters. South sound is typically categorized as the area from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, south. It’s a uniquely scenic area with scenic fjords and inlets stretching from Wollochet bay through Fox, McNeil, and Ketron Islands and expansive Key Peninsula, all the way to the bird havens of the Nisqually River Delta. South sound typically receives less wind and usually offers smoother sailing for boaters.

dsc_0101Timing is important for slower cruisers and sailboats navigating the channel of the Tacoma Narrows–depending on tides, currents can run 2-4 knots and as high as 5 knots. says that boaters going against the current northbound boats have a little easier time by favoring the eastern shoreline, and southbound boaters running against a strong ebb will do a little better near the western side of the narrows.

Anderson Island has two marinas. The Riviera Marina is on the Island’s east side facing majestic Mt. Rainier. The Marina is a popular arrival, departure and ron_0041relaxation destination, with twenty-two boat slips available for Riviera members.  Guest passes are provided as available.  The marina boasts a gazebo with barbecue grills and restroom facilities. The large fishing dock is a popular place to catch some tasty fish or jig for squid.

The Oro Bay Marina is also a popular boating facility for members of the Oro Bay Yacht Club on the southern end of the island, and includes satellite facilities for the Tacoma and Bremerton Yacht Clubs.



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