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Riviera Community Club members enjoy a well-kept executive 9-hole golf course. They may also access the campground with cabins, parks, lakes, boat launch, and salt water marina. Riviera Club property owners and associate members pay modest yearly assessments. Those fees support club amenities including the Lakeshore Restaurant and the award winning Lake Josephine Riviera Water Department. Please visit Riviera Community Club website to learn about all the luxurious amenities offered. Or contact Riviera Community Club below:

contact Riviera Community Club Anderson Island WashingtonOffice Phone: (253) 884-4093
Fax: (253) 884-9767
E-Mail: contact@rivieraclub.org
Golf Shop Phone: (253) 884-9634

Business Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

Campground Host: 
(253) 884-4121 (direct line to host site) May through September