Anderson Island Ferry

Island living requires an extra measure of planning and a dash of self-reliance. Much depends on the Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry schedule. Ask an Anderson Islander about the experience. A frequent response is, “It’s a part of the adventure.” Residents also say that the limited services compared to the mainland fosters a sense of neighborly interdependence. They appreciate the bonds of community.

Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry landing Washington

Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry Service

The Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry is operated by Pierce County Public Works. The ferry connects the island with the mainland and also serves nearby Ketron Island. Anderson Island is a mere 20 scenic minutes away from the mainland. The ferry makes ten to 14 runs daily. Ferry service begins as early as 4:45 am. It ends as late as 11:30 pm, depending on day of week and time of year.

Yes, the ferry toll is an added cost for working commuters or college students on the mainland. But discounts are available for students, seniors and frequent sailors (value pass).  Some working families use economical parking services on the mainland and thus pay the lower passenger only fare. Residents say quality of life, tranquility and low home prices on the island make it all worth while.  For detailed schedule, fares and service updates for the Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry, visit Pierce County Public Works website.

In additon to quality of life, Island residents have quick access from the Steilacoom ferry landing to mainland services: Lakewood Mall – 5 miles. Tacoma Mall – 9 miles. University of Washington, Tacoma –  13 miles. St. Clare Hospital – 5.9 miles. Chambers Bay Golf Course – 3.8 miles. All of these destinations can be reached without ever entering an on-ramp or suffering the I-5 congestion 5. Sweet!

Anderson Island Ferry landing Washington

Anderson Island Steilacoom Ferry landing, Olympic Mountains in distance.

In conclusion look at all the advantages! Nature.  Affordability. Amenities. Community. Anderson Islanders wouldn’t trade their island retreat for all the convenience, choice, congestion and gridlock the I-5 corridor has to offer. Anderson Island:
so close, yet so out of this world is Puget Sounds “secret island.”